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What is Prolapsed Stoma?

September 19 2020 , Written by Philip Rathbun Published on #Prolapsed Stoma, #Ostomy care

Prolapsed Stoma

This is an abnormal lengthening of the stoma. It telescopes out without any known or external reason. Well, a patient feels stress and depression due to the looks and length of the prolapsed opening in the abdomen. It requires a few more steps for the care of a stoma.

A colostomy and ileostomy patient can suffer from the prolapsed stoma. However, this is more common in colostomies than ileostomies. But, it does not mean that the ileostomy ostomates do not go through the abnormal appearance of the opening in their abdomen. Moreover, it specifically appears in the loop colostomy patients. They suffer the most with this unusual shape of the stoma. Well, there is no certain cause for the formation of prolapsed stoma; however, there could be some carelessness or other reasons for this trouble.

Causes of Prolapsed Stoma

As I have written above that there is no certain cause, but a few points would be under consideration for the development of prolapsed stoma. These are:

  1. A sudden weight gain of the loop colostomy patient.
  2. An abnormal tone of abdominal muscle.
  3. Poor eating routine.
  4. Constipation.

There are a smaller number of objects that create a prolapsed stoma. Well, obesity can fabricate problems and diseases in an ostomy patient. Moreover, if your digestive system is not working properly, you are not chewing your food, you are suffering from constipation, then your intestine can swell and cause prolapsed stoma. Moreover, some patients need a patient on the abdomen, while the movement of the bowel, can also lengthen the size of the stoma. Sometimes, constant cough can cause pressure on the belly muscles, and it leads to the oversizing of the opening in the abdomen. Apart from these notes, your physical activities, like sitting, laying down, and standing position can cause an irregularity in the size of your stoma. Moreover, when a patient does not perform any exercise or physical activity, it stops the blood supply to the stoma and abdominal muscles. It can also cause oversizing of the stoma.

Apart from the lengthening of the stoma, a prolapsed opening can change its normal color. A patient can witness dark brown or black color of the hole in their abdomen. Moreover, It also faces ulcers in the colon or stoma, called ischemic ulcers.

Care for Proplapsed Stoma

Well, once you feel any abnormality in the size and color of the opening, you should go to your surgeon. He is the one who can tell you the exact reason and disease in your stoma. Do not put yourself on self-medications. You will feel that the stoma is now dark red, brown, black, or purple. Moreover, you will also realize that the skin around it is cold. The change in temperature and function of the stoma creates a problem for your ostomy. Thus, you will have to adopt a few changes in your care routine and activities.

The first thing is the change in the pouching system. A prolapsed stoma patient should wear a large size of ostomy bag. A small opening does not fit to the stoma and causes leakage and infection. Moreover, you may have to change your stoma bag more often. You will need an alternative to the pouch flanges.

Moreover, you may find that you need a few changes in your physical activities. You will have to perform some exercises to decrease the fats of your body. You will have to eat healthy foods and salads to lose weight. You can ask all these points from your ET nurse. Moreover, do not sit or lay down on the bed for a longer time. It can also cause a prolapsed stoma.

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Tips To Deal With Ostomy Leaks

June 6 2018 Published on #ostomy care, #ostomy leaks, #stoma care, #skin complications

One of the biggest causes of frustration for a person with an ostomy is to have ostomy leaks. You can deal with this problem pretty conveniently, given that you have all the necessary supplies at hand, but it can still cause embarrassment.

Tips To Deal With Ostomy Leaks

There can be several reasons for leaks to happen, but there are plenty of options that you can consider to deal with this issue. In this article, we will discuss common factors that can cause leakage and ways to prevent or fix those issues.

Improper appliance fit

The most common problem that can lead to an ostomy leak is an improperly fitting ostomy appliance. It typically happens due to a too-large opening of the skin barrier. After surgery, the stoma is generally large due to swelling. Over time, this swelling subsides, and the stoma shrinks. If you had surgery a few weeks ago and you haven’t measured your stoma for some time, there is a possibility that the stomal output may be coming in contact with the exposed part of your peristomal skin. It can cause leakage. Make sure to measure your stoma every week after surgery to create the flange’s opening of the shape and size of your stoma.

Flush or retracted stoma

Ideally, the stoma should be a little protruded from the level of the abdominal skin. The base of the stoma should be at the level of the skin elsewhere on the abdomen. In some cases, the stoma may seem flush or retracted, which also results in the base of the stoma to sink a bit. This overall stoma retraction can cause problems with the seal between the skin barrier and the peristomal skin.

The best way to deal with a mildly flush stoma is to use a convex pouching system. The protrusion of the flange’s side, which has to go against the abdomen, pushes the peristomal skin well enough to reach the base of the stoma, forming a leak-proof seal.

Parastomal hernia

A parastomal hernia happens when intestines interfere with the weakened muscles underneath the peristomal skin area, resulting in a noticeable bulge that doesn’t only compromise the seal between the skin barrier and the skin but also causes a lot of pain. Generally, the treatment of parastomal hernia is surgery, but you may also use hernia support belts to keep the hernia in control.


Skin allergies

Skin allergies can happen, and they can result in a compromised seal between the skin barrier and the peristomal skin. It generally results in leaks, which can worsen the impact of allergies. The best thing to do is to talk to your ostomy care nurse.

Improper skincare

You will want to keep the skin around the stoma clean and healthy. The skincare considerations in this regard may be different from those for other skin areas. For instance, using soap, shampoo, or hair conditioner may result in a residue left on the peristomal skin, causing a problem for the necessary seal. The general rule of thumb is to avoid anything that contained moisturizers and oils.

The best product to use to take care of the peristomal skin is warm water. You may use soap, but make sure that it doesn’t contain any ingredients that may compromise the seal.

You may want to stay in touch with your doctor or ostomy care nurse to get timely information regarding how to take care of your skin to prevent leaks.

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Plan for your vacation, not your stoma

September 5 2017 , Written by Philip Rathbun

Rather you are a fan of the summer, fall, or winter we all like to plan for a fun adventure.  Vacations can come in all shapes and forms and what may seem like a fun time for one person could seem like misery for another.  But whatever your plans are it is important to be able to plan a vacation and not have to plan it around your stoma.  Some people I have run into literally give up on doing incredible things on their list because they think they are limited by their own health.  Now some people have legitimate health issues and know their limits.  I suggest you do talk with your doctor about doing certain activities.  But in many instances, people are limiting their life because they believe their stoma limits them. I want to go over some of the vacations I have been on, not to brag in any way but to show you that you can be active and have fun with your stoma.


The one area that I love to go with my family is the beach.  This can be an ocean or simply a great lake.  Either one is fun and I certainly enjoy what the sun and water bring.  Not lately we have been going to the great lakes during the summer and love the freshwater beaches.  Michigan offers a lot of giant white sand beaches that have some pretty good waves depending on the weather.  This is an area that many people fear if they are new to having a stoma.  I have to say that you should jump in on being active in the beach. 

One of the things that I do at the beach is scaled down.  This means that I use much smaller ostomy bags and even sometimes wear a shirt in the water to avoid sunburns or just to feel better about my weight. But my ostomy does not limit my ability to have fun at the beach.  Just like everywhere else, I bring a repair or oops kit with me.  It has a backup and tape for any leaks that may happen.  I keep sanitary gear and extra seals.  This is all normal and the only difference is I put it in a waterproof bag and container.  That is so sand and water stays out of it just in case I need to get in it. That is an easy plan that comes after I plan that beach vacation.

Another location we like to go is to National Parks that involves mountains.  I love the great outdoors and I have never let my stoma talk me out of going on a hike or adventure out in the great National Parks of the United States.  When I am out and about in the wilderness I do take a whole kit and extra gear for my ostomy.  I find that it adds about 1lb of weight to my pack and I have worked hard to find the best gear for my body.  Each body is different but I am able to do full-day hikes in the mountains and be safe and secure.

So I suggest really going out and living a life that you love.  Rather it's going to the beach or mountains don't let your stoma drive you. 

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